Protection Status sad true love quotes for her & him



sad true love quotes for her & him

 sad true love quotes for her & him

Remember our place?

Do you take her there too?

Well... It was supposed to be ours!🥀

Eyes that are crystal clear. Words that are not lies. Touches that are not by force. Smiles that are not fake. Memories that are unforgettable. Hearts that are not broken.♥️🔥

Some facts are undeniable!♡

A survivor never stops surviving!♥️💪🏻

If you love someone, you tell them!♥️

I lost, but at least i know fought!❤️

Find your way to move on from every screwed up situation!🤍

He should love you in the way you are otherwise, his not the right person!💙

Look back to where you came from and be proud of yourself!💜

Laughing at stupid stuff. Well i miss that...💔

If you love someone, ask yourself, is he THE one?🤍

I don't care what people say. They don't know us! They don't know our story!💕

Love is a game, you should fight every second of it to win!❣

We all had our moments with the one we love...🥀

Never be sorry for being yourself!💗

Be careful cause he's gonna break your heart after he put a huge smile on your face...💔

You know you deserve better. You know he's gonna break your heart. But you love him anyway...🖤

When you feel like your heart is burning on fire because the thought of not seeing him makes you feel like you just wanna die and let an end to this misery. That's when you know you love him.💜

If they wanna leave, then shake their hand and let them go.

It's gonna be hard to but if they loved you, darling you'd know.

So stop begging them to stay they're not the one and that's okay...💔

Stop living under his circumstances if it makes you feel unhappy!🖤

Not everyone has the courage to talk about what happened to her. And that's understandable. Cause people always judge and it sucks to be judged by people who haven't gone through what you have...♡

Maybe one day we find our ways back together and write a new chapter of our lives❣

You can’t change your past nor eliminate our history...💙

Everyone has a breaking point!💔

You can never put back broken pieces...💔🥀

At some point you'll break the silence and will stand up for yourself!💗

When you get hurt they say that it's ok you'll grow up and you'll forget about it but there are some things that still hurt...💔

Tomorrow is gonna be harder than today so be ready to get through it!🤍✨

Sometimes life makes me think that this world is the actual hell!🔥

Loving you was an excuse 

I wanted you for breathing 

For staying alive!♥️

God, it's brutal out here!🔥

All i ever wanted was to be enough for you...🖤

Every night i go to bed and i keep thinking about us , about how life tore us apart and how we never got to say goodbye. I start to imagine that what if we'll see each other again or maybe there wasn't any need for a goodbye cause it wasn't the end of our story...🤍

Never loving anyone is far worse than loss💔

I'm the love of your life until I make you mad🤍

Guess you didn't cheat but you're still a traitor💔

Life surprises you in the ways that you can never even imagine!🤍

You can't change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.

Read that again.

It may be unfair but what happens in a few days sometimes even a single day can change the course of a whole lifetime.

If someone doesn’t value you, they deserve to lose you. 

It’s that simple.

It might Take a year. It might take a day. But what’s meant to be will always find its way.

Once in lifetime you meet someone that changes everything.

I still get butterflies when i see you;)🦋♥️

Please don't lose the best days of your life being loyal to a toxic person! 

I say i don't care but believe me it's not true.💔

You do anything for the one you love but does he do the same?🖤

When you are happy and you're looking forward to something really really good to happen and then the hardships of life come on your way and crush every single thing that could make you happy. That's where i am now...💔

You don't need any permission to love someone!♥️

You don't know you're destiny.

When you get to the parts of life where it's hard to get through, you want to give up but you never know what's gonna happen next. Maybe it's gonna be the best thing that has ever happened to you or maybe it's gonna be the worst. Not all of the stories end happily ever after but it doesn't mean your story is gonna be one of them!🤍

"I love you" that's what I've been waiting to hear from you for my whole life!💖

A person who truly loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is.

Love is the answer 

whatever the question .

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged .

I remember the days that we would argue all the time on stupid things. You would put your hand on my shoulder and i would get so mad. But i wish you could put your hand on my shoulder now. Trust me this time i won't get mad!🙂♥️

People let go of you all the time. You should get used to it...🥀

I'm so excited to see you again and I'm so not excited to say goodbye again...🖤

Some people go through things that we can not even start to imagine. Sometimes talking about it is the hardest thing to do so they just live with it. But it shouldn't be like that, the world must be a safe place to talk about things that can cause anxiety, depression and even suicide. 

We are the ones that should make the change cause otherwise the society is not gonna change itself.🤍

Our insecurities are what make us perfect!💖

We used to hangout a lot. I guess life didn't want that to be continued.🖤

When emotions hit you it's okay to let them all out!🤍

Home is a place where you feel safe.

Home is a place where is filled with memories.

Home is where you find love.

Home is somewhere in the world that is yours, always and forever!✨🤍

It feels so fucked up to be in love!🖕🏻♥️

We never really got the chance to talk about things that happened between us. Maybe if we'd talked, now ,we wouldn't be like strangers...🖤

Some memories just come back to you no matter how hard you try to get rid of them...♡

I love him so much that he never gets out of my mind.

I love him so much that i smile when i hear his name.

I love him so much that I've waited years to just see him again.

I love him so much that when i talk to him i get butterflies.

I love him so much that i have never thought about someone else.♥️🙂

Just a few days left to run through the places we made memories...♥️

A city filled with lights, lovers on streets and nights full of shining stars♥️✨

I could feel my whole body going numb when i saw you after a long time!♥️🦋

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